FTG’s New C.O.D. (Call of Duty) Division

FTG, from it’s creation to present date, has been a social gaming community centered around Halo.  We wanted to expand into other game types, but not until we felt we were ready. We felt we needed depth of leadership, with leaders interested in expanding into another game type. Leaders in place, the game type settled on was Call of Duty.  Our goal for the Call of Duty (COD) Division was simple, start the division with a few member from Halo, get new recruits while gaming, train the recruits about FTG and our ranking structure, develop the COD division into it’s own entity.

I am pleased to announce, our goals were met and FTG now has a self sustaining Call of Duty Division.  The members decided on the name “Tactical Assault” for the Division and have named the squads Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Echo.  They have training sessions for new recruits called, “Boot Camp.”  Yes, they even made me go thru Boot Camp.  It is all in keeping with the game type they are playing and all in good fun.

The squad leaders have their squads best interests at heart, making sure new recruits are introduced to the members.  They host activities for their squads week nights, beginning at 8pm EST.  However, activities are not contained to just one hour a night, and you will see squad members on line gaming together at all hours of the day.  That is what a social gaming community is about, that is what FTG is about, and that is what our COD division is about.

Needless to say FTG is proud of the new Division and its’ members.  They are a great group of people and a great addition to the FTG family.